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For years IT Innovators has helped companies just like yours find their total IT Solution.

Network Servers
The development of network servers has resulted in saving businesses money while providing centralized file storage and security.

Network servers are an inexpensive central "warehouse" for your business data to be stored, accessed by all staff, and backed up nightly.

IT can provide top name servers with trained certified technicians to store your company's valuable data.

Personal Computers
All computers are not built the same. IT removes the headache of sifting through proprietary systems, cheap systems and incompatible systems. IT can build your custom system or provide a name brand system to suit your business needs.

Are your current systems outdated or too slow? Before purchasing new systems allow IT to upgrade your existing systems while greatly reducing your cost.

Security & Backup Protection
Industry Facts

- There are over 100,000 active computer viruses.

- Over 200 million e-mail messages travel through cyberspace every day; over 1 million with viruses.

- Over 58% of companies have detected outsiders attempting to gain unauthorized computer access.

These are just some of the many reasons it is critical for every business to protect their assets. Can your business afford to lose time or its critical data? Businesses do not realize how inexpensive it is to implement security and backup procedures for their systems. IT can provide the protection you need for your business.

IT can cover all of your printing needs supplying top brand name inkjets, deskjets, laserjet printers and more. We can also set up and connect your new printer to your pc or existing network for you. A business can greatly control its cost by sharing printer resources.

Remote Solutions
IT can enable your remote, home office, and sales staff on the go access to your business resources to save time and money. We accomplish the business needs while maintaining security and reducing costs.

Most VPN (Virtual Private Networks) implementations today use the Internet as the public infrastructure and a variety of specialized tools to support private communications and maintain strict security within the Internet.

Cloud Solutions
Let’s face it, moving to the cloud isn’t a quick or easy decision. You’ve got a lot to think about. What is it really going to cost? Will it allow your people to work how and where they want to work—but still keep you in control? Is your data really going to be secure in the cloud? We hear you.

That is why we recommend Microsoft® Office 365 for your business. Office 365 brings together Office 2013 with cloud-based shared documents, instant messaging, web conferencing, and the power of Exchange Online, the industry’s leading business-class email.

VOIP Solutions
Small business owners are discovering why VoIP hardware is such a powerful tool for maintaining a competitive edge. When you switch to an IP-based unified communications system, you'll find that you can increase productivity because you've combine and simplified your communication tools. You can secure your voice and data more strongly. And you can make it easier for your employees to maintain access to your network, whether at work or at home.

Wireless Solutions
Reduce the cost of wiring your office through wireless solutions. Wireless solutions allow your users to move more freely around the office while completing business.

eMail Solutions
Controlling your own email is vital in today's virus and spam filled world. Most ISP's do not filter or stop virus attachments and spam in email. IT can provide a complete solution safeguarding your business from incoming viruses and spam and protecting your liability on sending outbound viruses.

IT offers mail servers as well as, domain email ( and webmail. Webmail allows your users to travel anywhere in the world and still pickup their mail and create new email from any internet connection.

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